Newtown is a vibrant inner city suburb of Sydney with a history of fostering an eccentric artistic community.  There is easy access into the Sydney central business district for workers, and as the suburb is adjacent to a large metropolitan university there is a large residential academic community (students and staff). It is a cultural centre for alternative music, fashion, food and art. A number of large murals are located in the area, often based on a particular political viewpoint and conveying a political message.

The majority of buildings along King Street are commercial, with a large number of restaurants, shops and bars. Typical building heights along King Street range from two stories up to four with awnings over the pedestrian walkways and continuous store frontages. Sunlight, therefore, is an issue as much can be blocked by the surrounding buildings.

King Street is a major transport thoroughfare to southern Sydney and is well serviced by public transport. Parking is an issue for surrounding streets and the traffic load along King Street is constantly high thoughout the day and for much of the night. Newtown is a major nightspot destination, drawing visitors and local residents alike.

As with all cities, there is the issue of vandalism and security, however the graffiti, poster advertising and public street art all add to the vibrancy and character of the area.

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