The issue with last week’s design was that none of the rooms suggested their intended function. So from this I have looked to design a tall gallery space with ample wall space, a smaller more intimate studio, and comfortable residence away from King Street. To do all this, I have sunk the gallery space down a floor level, tying it in with the notion of "taking art to the sewers", and allowing extra room for artists to work upstairs. The gallery space needs to be at the front as it is for the public, and the more private functions of studio and residence should be at the back with the rear lane access. The effect created is a more dynamic gallery, which better suits its function.

My tutor and I also discussed the use of fibre cement cladding for thinking of ways the large façade wall could work. Crteating a hollow wall out of the lightweight fibre cement panels would be a viable option to allow the large walls to move on rails or cables.