Below is a link to my final Unreal Ed model:

Final design.

The structured pathway through the design is a simple circuit. To neutralise the meeting space I have designed the elevators to work such that Prada must go up to meet Obama in his office, so that they can both enter the meeting space together. Once lunch is over, Obama must accompany Prada back to her work space, before continuing back up to his office. This creates a connection between the two clients that extends beyond simply having lunch together.

Obama's entrance hall. Intimidating initially, until the columns react to the client's presence and sink creating openings to the outside.


Elevator up to Obama's office; the building responds to the client, enhancing a feeling of power.

Obama's office, classically simple yet warm; different to the intimidating entrance hall before.

The meeting space and dining table for Obama and Prada to share their lunch in a neutral environment.

The meeting space. The dining table and chairs rise back up as Prada and Obama leave.

Prada's building is constantly pumping, working hard to maintain the status and power of the "Prada" label.

Prada's production gallery.


Elevator from Prada's space back up to Obama's space.


Elevator animation


This model is a compilation of all my movers: elevators, dining table, meeting space, and Obama and Prada’s buildings.



Below are my custom textures for ‘movement’. The words I used for inspiration are: Linear, Rotational, Scalar, Extend, Flow and Absorb.

I have used my linear texture in my model to denote the movement of my elevators.


This is my basic model. I feel I have created spaces and movers which reflect my concept of power as best I can. More work needs to be done to polish off the entire scheme.

The overall scheme of the building.

Obama above, Prada below and a meeting space which hangs onto the bridge and only exists when the two clients meet to have lunch.

The meeting space 'creating' itself.

The space could not exist without the floor from Prada's building or the columns from Obama's holding it in place. It is a collaborated effort encouraging the notion of interdependance and a neautralized place to enjoy lunch.


This is a feedback sheet for Barnaby Hartford-Davis and John Caldwell, neither have finished Experiment 3 so the marking is not very accurate. It is interesting seeing the different approaches. Barnaby has extensivly used SketchUp to create free-form shapes and John has used a story-line as the inspiration for his designs.


This draft is very basic, as I am still changing my design constantly. I have clear concepts; however my attempt at executing them is still not to my satisfaction. Modeling up my current idea has been helpful in thinking critically about what ideas will and will not work. I still have much more work to do.

Entrance to Obama's Office

Below is Prada's building and next to it is where the meeting space will be.


Both Obama and Prada possess a power over society, however the source, motivation and ultimate utilization of their power is different.

Obama: Political power. Governing. His power is personal. Willingly bestowed upon him by society. His power is stable, however will only last for a specified amount of time.The building gives Obama power. The building will react to him. Strong, stable, Government power; inevitable loss of Obama’s personal power.

Prada: Economic power. Industrial. Her power is the company “Prada”. She had to ‘capture’ the attraction of society to gain her power. She could lose her power at any time, thus she must constantly work hard and exert her power to keep it. The building is the power. Prada is moved by the building. The building must constantly ‘work’ to sustain its power.

Meeting space: Neutral. This is a shared space for two powerful individuals. It is where they will have lunch, and not do business. Thus, their ‘power’ should be neutralized to create and fair and relaxing space. Avoid egotistical symptoms: create interdependence. The two separate work spaces should collaborate to create the meeting space; so that one could not enjoy lunch without the other.

This neutralization of the client’s power could be taken further, by forcing them to arrive and leave the meeting space together.


Below are selections of my best 3D perspective sketches. They are a mixture of one and two point perspectives of ‘F’ and ‘H’ shapes mashed together to create pathways.

At first my notion of pathways was quite limited, and I created shapes that you would walk around in, rather than on. As I had more practice, my designs became more complex and potential realistic spaces. These will serve as inspiration for my meeting space.


Miuccia Prada entered the family business 1978 and soon revolutionized the appearance of its products. Barack Obama is revelling in presidential power and influence unseen in Washington for decades. Madonna is clearly in charge. As her career approaches its third decade, Madonna represents the triumph of willfulness.

She has consistently pursued a very particular and unusual aesthetic. Obama already is assured a legacy at the top of all three branches of government - executive, legislative and judicial. “I rely heavily on the people that I collaborate with to inspire me.”

"The only way to do something in depth is to work hard.” “I'm at my most creative when the pressure's on.” Having firm control over the White House and Congress, Obama has the ability to push through ambitious plans.

Prada is entirely in charge of the companies creative decisions, basing her decisions on intuition. The federal government's bailout of banks and auto companies has given Obama the power to force an overhaul in those industries. Nothing holds back Madonna. Not love, not pop expectations, not tastefulness, not religion, not the laws of physics.

She is reported to be overly fussy about each detail of her design. Each product has to be changed over and over in order to come closest to Prada's initial idea. Madonna can do what she wants. “Art is about learning and about living with people. It's alive.” His job approval ratings are well over 60 percent, giving him political capital to undertake big challenges. Madonna called criticism of her adoption "shocking"

Prada is said to be the most prominent example of a new form of inward-directed luxury. "Anything she can do to get out the word that these kids need help is appreciated." "I cannot in my memory remember a time when a president of the United States has had more influence.”

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