From previous research into the design of museums I am interested in the role ‘the wall’ plays in display (framing the context for, and the means of, the display of exhibits, art, etc.). In galleries which display ‘high art’, the walls are often simply used as vessels, where they hold art for a period of time before being replaced with another work or where walls are usd to define discrete areas or rooms (and thus guide and direct the experience of art patrons). In ‘low art’, the wall often becomes part of the art, for example, graffiti is layered over each other continuously onto the same wall. In this way the wall becomes a crucial component of the art experience, and is an ephermeral record . It would be interesting to explore the role of the wall in the display of art, and perhaps develop a number of ways that a wall can merge high art and low art.

Thus, my current narrative is: A meeting point for discussion of high art and low art.